Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Next purchase on the plan

As I have a laptop, I rarely sit at the desk....OH uses the desktop computer, so he sits there.  Over the past couple of days, I've been sitting there on and off....my laptop was knackered (fixed now by husband's very clever techie son in law) so I had to use the desktop, plus we've had visitors (OH's daughter and said SIL) and needed an extra chair.  Boy, is it uncomfortable!  It's skew whiff, it leans to one side, both the seat and the back are achingly uncomfortable.  After just 2 days of sitting in it occasionally, I have terrible backache.  How OH has never complained about it, I do not know, he must be a hero (or he's so engrossed in his ongoing battle with trying to get one over the computer in online chess that he just hasn't noticed). 

Anyway, I decided that a new computer chair was a bigger priority than saving for a new leather armchair.....I reckon our current recliner armchair still has a few months' life left in it, even if it does look tatty (no IF about it, it IS tatty).  And, for once, we haven't bought second hand....we reckoned that in this instance a new one was probably better.  Having searched online, we've found what looks to be a good one at a good price (a price we're willing and able to pay, in other words) on ebay....ordered and arriving next Monday.  Sorted - another thing to cross off the list.

Thanks for your comments, I was feeling a lot better after eating v.low carb/wheat free for a few days.  Had a bit of a setback after having visitors for a couple of days....not easy to do a slightly strange diet when you have to feed visitors!  Am back on it from today though, so am sure I'll be feeling better again soon.

All excited today.....we're off to the pictures tonight to see the staggeringly gorgeous Daniel Craig in the new Bond film, it's my 2 or 3 yearly birthday treat! (my birthday is next week and the new Bond films always come out around the time of my birthday.....how thoughtful of them).


  1. I hope you enjoy your night out, I like a Bond film every now and then. I curl up on the sofa with the laptop but my sewing chair is very comfortable and supportive, the last thing I need is back ache from an iffy chair.

  2. Yes you do have to be comfortable when on the computer a good chair is essential if you don't want a bad back. Happy birthday for next week, you must be a Scorpio like me mine is on the 10th, We might see the new James Bond film as well.

  3. A new computer chair sound just right.
    Happy Birthday Bond Day ! What a treat indead.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I use a desk top...but I do have a laptop, too; but my laptop is mainly as a back-up in case something happens with my tower and I'm unable to use it. Without a computer of any description I'm like a chicken without its head! lol

    The new chair is a sensible purchase. :)

    Happy Birthday for next week, fellow Scorpio! Mine is the week after. :)

  5. We bought my dad and step dad lovely computer chairs and when they passed away I had the chairs, I use one for sewing and the other is at my desk, even though they are both about 12 years old they are in brilliant condition they were good quality chairs sometimes it pays to pay that bit extra, another Scorpion here I am on the 11th, although I wont be watching Bond dont like it. :-)


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