Thursday, 10 September 2015

Raring to go!

Well, almost!  We're back, invigorated and feeling positive and refreshed, having had a lovely time in Cornwall with perfect weather.  Lots of lovely walks up on cliffs overlooking the gorgeous clear blue sea (the sea in Somerset is muddy and brown, not inviting at all).  Two things this has taught us - we are both very unfit, we need to get out and get moving more.  And going out for long walks, especially overlooking the sea, really lifts our spirits - so we need to get out more!  OH has 3 days off a week (he does his full time hours in 4 days, or rather, nights) so theoretically it is possible.  We do seem to be quite busy on his days off, but it shouldn't be a problem to rearrange things so that we get a morning or afternoon off so we can go out for a hike somewhere.  We'll try and do that starting next week.

We both need to lose weight, I know we eat too many carbs and that definitely makes me feel very sluggish and bloated.  I've just ordered a spiralizer, so we can make the most of all our lovely veggies in stir fries or as veggie pasta.  My brother and SiL, who we were staying with, have one and made us the most delicious stir fry on a bed of spiralized beetroot and sweet potato, which has prompted me to get one.  My coffee consumption has been creeping up again, so I want to cut back to just 1 or maybe 2 a day, drinking water or green tea the rest of the time.  I always have drunk water, just not enough of it lately.

06.13 and it's just now light out.....the days are getting shorter so quickly now.  I really don't like winter - spring is my favourite season.  How funny it is to think that Australia are just starting their spring!  My nephew and his girlfriend are about to emigrate to Perth for a couple of years, so they'll be missing winter altogether this year, lucky pair.

Right, time to get dressed and do a freezer/larder inventory - I'm going to be doing this every week now (she says, hoping that putting it in print will actually make her do it!), we're going to be eating up our stores for the next few weeks.  It's about time we did, the freezers in particular are bursting at the seams, and less shopping will help to build up our savings again, which have been a bit depleted recently.


  1. Your holiday sounds like it's done you the world of good! Hopefully you'll be able to use it as a boost for the next few months. I hate January and February - all that greyness :( at least they are followed by Spring! :)

  2. Glad you are feeling more refreshed after your break x

  3. I have a spiralizer and use it often, very simple to use, I love Winter and Autumn I love all the seasons, at the moment I am chasing my tail and making the most of the warm weather looks like its all change next week :-)

  4. Welcome back x I'm going to get a spiralizer too! Am also v unfit!! However I got on the rowing machine yesterday n did 5 minutes. It sounds like nothing but I was near death!! Did 5 minutes today and was near death...but managed 12 more reps!!! Baby steps x

  5. We all suffer from too much carbs, and coffee, we are walking most evenings which is enjoyable, glad you are feeling better

  6. I only have one coffee a day, I visit a friend who does not drink tea. I do drink lots of tea but have started to use a much smaller cup and drinking more water. Some days I hardly touch carbs at all but as the autumn goes on that will change. I do get lots of walking done but am far from fit, and I am overweight, just not by much. I am eating my way through the stockpile and my bank account reflects that very nicely indeed.


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