Monday, 28 September 2015

Gorgeous morning

OH got up in the early hours to have a look at the blood moon/eclipse, but I was just too tired and comfortable to get out of bed.  I'll just have to wait until 2033 then!

This was the view from the front bedroom window this morning:-


I love mornings like this, when there's mist rolling across the field and the rising sun makes the sky all pastel pink and blue, it's magical.

The old sofa has gone, along with our old metal framed bed and the old dining chairs, for which we were paid a reasonable price which will go back into the savings kitty to help replace what we paid for the new sofa.  The new sofa is just lovely, so comfortable (if a bit squeaky, being leather!) and very supportive with the high deep buttoned back.  OH was lying fast asleep on it last night (he always nods off during his favourite programme, Antiques Roadshow!!), he slept most of the way through the programme so the sofa must be comfy!  The cushions have faded a bit through wear and there are a couple of very minor scratches, but I expect a colour restorer kit will sort that out.

After some googling, we've found a second hand furniture charity which has several branches throughout Devon, we're going to go and have a look around one of the biggest branches tomorrow.  We really want to crack on with getting the last few bits of furniture on our list of things to replace, before the end of this year....just 3 things left to get, an armchair to replace our worn out recliner, pine wardrobe for the spare room, and a computer chair so we can get rid of the current one which has an alarming left hand tilt.

Got loads of tomatoes to do something with today, I think I'll cook them down with chopped red onions (got lots of them as well), balsamic vinegar and basil for pasta sauces and freeze in tubs.  We had roast lamb yesterday, so will chop up the remaining lamb and mix with leftover gravy and make a lovely shepherds pie, there'll be enough to freeze some for another day, I expect.


  1. What a beautiful view of such a special morning - that would set you up for a good day I imagne! :)

  2. That is such a beautiful photograph. I had no idea of such an event. I'm sorry I missed it. I'm glad the new sofa is lovely and comfortable. I'm desperate for a new one but will have to wait until funds allow. X

  3. That is a lovely photo. We were at a party last night and the sky was overcast. Totally missed the blood moon. Sigh.

  4. I love leather furniture when it has been used, it's much nicer than brand new, we always have leather at home, it's such great value. I love autumn mornings, full of mist and hope.

  5. I didn't go out to look at the moon, either...never mind. I was too comfortably ensconced in my bed...

    Making tubs of pasta sauce from your supply of tomatoes and then freezing it is a good idea. It will come in handy for use in casseroles etc., too.

  6. I love that picture, you are so lucky. xx


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