Monday, 31 August 2015

Must be getting old!

Not done much over the last couple of days, but I feel like I've run a marathon whilst baking cakes and dragging the hoover (well, dyson actually) behind me (and I haven't even done the hoovering!).

Yesterday, all I did was cook the dinner, wash up and make 3 jars of mixed berry jam.  Today, we've been food shopping, which was a bit of a nightmare as the world and his wife plus all their crying, demanding and running around children decided to go too.....if I had a £ for each time one of the little brats trod on my foot, ran into the back of my legs or barged past me without of course an 'excuse me', I'd have added a couple of bottles of nice wine to my shopping.  Other than that, I've made the bed (well, dragged the duvet up into a slightly less wrinkled state), made a quick tomato & mozzarella salad for lunch, washed up then prepared a lamb biryani for dinner.  And that's it.  And it feels like something electrical has been attached to me and sucked out all my energy.

Think it's lack of sleep.  I've never been a good sleeper, suffering with insomnia my entire life.....when I was about 7 Mum took me to the doctor about it - he just said "oh she'll grow out of it".  Erm, how much more growing do I have to do?!  Normally, I cope alright with it, being so used to it I guess, but every so often it catches up with me and I'm shattered for a couple of days.  I guess I'm feeling it more as I get older :-(


  1. I usually manage on 4-5 hours sleep but lately have been sleeping for 7. It is lovely and I hope that it lasts. Although it does take me a while to come to my senses, and I do not have any more energy (perhaps not a bad thing).

  2. Tiredness is horrible, I don't sleep well and weekdays I am up at six, so by Saturday I'm exhausted, hope you sleep tonight.

  3. Where on earth do you shop to have that kind of performance from children and their parents? It sounded horrendous, maybe you need to change your shopping habits just a little to avoid the little blighters?
    I find, because I don't sleep well either (mainly caused by arthritic pain), if you can find just an hour or so during the day for a nap, you might find that refreshing. If you can't then try and get a going-to-bed routine if you've not tried that before. I also find that a lavender pillow mist is a help, and certainly not watching TV in the bedroom, and make the bedroom as comfortable a nest as possible, no dark or bright colours, just pastel shades, and a lovely comfy bed, with quality bed linen which makes going to bed a more luxurious experience. I have a lavender gel that I also rub on my wrists and temples, too, anything to soothe is helpful, and I have a warm shower at bedtime and a nice drink of hot chocolate. All this helps put you in the mood for sleep. Try it and see.
    Margaret P

  4. My sleep pattern is in fits and starts if I am going through a bad patch I find a good walk helps me settle again to quality sleep, also black out curtains that I dont need any more used to help greatly, I remember shopping trips like you have had since our move its a more pleasant experience :-)


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