Sunday, 23 August 2015

Lovely pork dinner

I'm cooking a joint of pork today, in my new favourite way which I've done 2 or 3 times now.  It's a spare rib joint, boned by the butcher.  It had a good layer of well scored skin and fat, which I cut off - I'm going to roast that separately, we do love nice crispy crackling.  The joint I put in the slow cooker on high with about half a pint of water and salt & pepper, about 10.15 this morning.  Round about noon I turned it over.  Took it out about 2.30 and let it rest for 10 minutes, whilst I drained off the stock into a plastic box, it will get frozen to make gravy with for chops or another joint in the future.  I then shredded the meat with a couple of forks, it was easy to do, just fell apart.  I've put it back in the slow cooker, turned on low now, with a jar of bbq sauce.  So, pulled pork in other words.  Well, I actually put half the pork back in, the rest I'm freezing for another day, we'll probably have it in a korma sauce.

I'm roasting the skin along with spuds, we'll have cabbage and peas too.

I've also cooked lamb joints in a similar way a couple of times, I do those in lamb stock.  After taking out the lamb, I add a tablespoon each of redcurrant jelly and mint sauce to the stock and thicken it, before adding the shredded meat back in.  Yum yum. 

Incidentally, I'm roasting a double quantity of spuds......the surplus freeze well and only take about 20 mins to heat through from frozen in a hot oven - quick roasties for when I don't have much time (or can't be bothered!).


  1. Sounds nice, we went out this morning so I am roasting and peppered loin of pork for tea.

  2. Try The Friendly Spirit, down by the brook, it's good service and food, it also has a nice beer garden if the sun is shinning. Next time we are down I will let you know.

    1. Ah, so that's where.....we have been there before, couple of years ago when we first moved here, but not since. We do tend to eat out when we go out somewhere for a day out, rather than locally.

  3. This commentey thingy is playing up tonight.....meal sounds delicious Sooze.

  4. E mail me



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