Friday, 7 August 2015

Feeling content

This is the view from our front bedroom window this morning - just lovely.  When I first got up the sky was a cloudless bright blue, since then a few fluffy white clouds have appeared, they do look like cotton wool. The cows have been moved out of this field as they've eaten all the grass.....they'll be back again in a few weeks once it's had a chance to rejuvenate.

On the whole, things are going very well right now (she says, crossing everything).  There are a couple of things that aren't going so well and are causing some concern, in fact I have been worrying quite a bit lately.  But I had a good long think about it all yesterday and decided that there's nothing I can do, I can't influence the outcome at all, what will be will be, it's out of my hands.  So I've accepted that and let go of the worry.  I'm just going to concentrate on the things I CAN do.

I'm really starting to look forward to next year when OH starts to reduce his hours leading up to retirement, it will be good to have another day when we can get things done together.  The veg & fruit growing needs more of my input.....although OH gets on with it all diligently and is very hard working, he can be a bit haphazard at times.  E.g.  I'd asked for 2 green and 2 yellow courgette plants.....somehow, we've ended up with 1 green and 5 yellow, and this kind of thing tends to happen every year!  He has a habit of mislabelling things at the sowing seeds stage..... Last year I wanted 2 each of cherry, salad and plum tomatoes......the result was about 7 cherry ones, 1 salad and NO plums.  I put it down to him being dyslexic, bless him.  That plus the fact that he sows lots of everything and then can't bear to throw any away.  And he mixes up the labels in pots.  Or forgets to put labels in in the first place.  So next year we're doing it together!


  1. Sometimes things are beyond our control, and we just have to go with the flow.
    I like you am looking forward to spending more time doing things with hubby.

  2. At least he puts labels in I know of some-one who never labels anything saying she will remember then its panic when she cant, I have even bought her labels to no avail :-)

  3. Lol...I'm afraid we have the opposite problem , I work everything in life on the chaos theory including the garden , my OH is Mr Routine...I drive him mad

  4. It's good that you have let go the worry, I always remember what Jem used to say to Scout (To Kill a Mockingbird) "don't worry Scout, it's not time to worry yet, I'll let you know when". It works for me. x

    Think of the excitement of not knowing what you will be harvesting ...

  5. I always mix up labels, that's if I label anything in the first place. My pot always throws up surprises x

  6. When OH finally retires you may need to act as his nurse. He seems to be losing it a bit. You will need a nurse's uniform and a stethoscope.


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