Thursday, 16 July 2015

The BCP and a blog layout question

Welcome to my new follower, Delia Ryder, I hope you enjoy reading.

Having now got the extra storage shelves and plastic lidded storage boxes, we're moving on with another phase of our Big Cunning Plan for OH's retirement, or BCP as it is now known.....well, by me anyway.  OH is dyslexic and comes out with all sorts of letters....makes for some interesting and humorous combinations, I'm sure he just plucks an assortment of letters out of mid air!  Bless him.  Sorry, I went off at a bit of a tangent there, I have a habit of doing that.

Anyway, moving on.....we're starting to stock up on dry/tinned foods and toiletries.  When I see things we normally buy on a good special offer, I now buy several at once (provided I've got the spare cash).  I also thought it would be a good idea to buy one extra thing - a bottle of washing up liquid, jar of coffee, bag of sugar, that sort of thing - each week when we do the supermarket shop, that way we can build up stocks and hardly notice the cost.  The idea behind this is that when OH eventually gives up work for good, probably in about 3 years, our shopping bill will be cut down quite a bit.  Hopefully.

Now for the blogging question.  I notice some of you (those with loads of followers) have your followers' avatars in lines across the top of your blog.....others have them at the side, like me.  However, on mine, only 2 columns of blog followers (about 8 in total I think) show up, the rest you have to click on 'more' to see.  Whereas most other bloggers who have them at the side have more showing, around 20+.  Erm, how do you do that?  Be gentle with me, answers in words of one syllable please, this blogging lark is all new to me and I'm a bit (a lot) of a dunce when it comes to techie stuff!

Oh, and is there a way of being notified when a new follower joins up?  At the moment, it's only really by chance that I happen to notice, which seems a bit hit and miss, and very rude of me if I don't notice and therefore don't welcome a new follower by name.  I think I had someone leave recently, although am not entirely sure - I thought that the number of followers had gone down one since the previous day....I have no idea though who stopped following.  I wonder why they did....was it something I said?  :-O

It's been very muggy here the past few days, plays merry hell with my hot flushes, feel like i'm in a sauna most of the time.  God knows what I'd be like without the HRT!  Oh, and we've got those horrible little thunderflies at the moment too....step outside the door and you get smothered in them, which makes me all itchy and they get everywhere, even inside my bra (wouldn't have thought there was room, being ample bosomed).


  1. I Think it's all to do with the basic layout template you have chosen and width of margins. But it may not be! Most of what I do is more luck than judgement! Don't worry about people leaving it just happens and as far as I know there is no way when someone new follows except by knowing what number was there before.but I might be wrong on that too - not much help really!
    We have thunderflies too and pollen beetle which stop the runner beans setting and other itchy and bitey things especially when I'm picking raspberries

  2. Cant help with the followers thing, I do like having followers but I dont worry if some-one leaves its there choice.
    I like your idea of stocking up in preparation of hubby's retirement, just make sure any tins are free of dents, if I was to stock up like that I think I would go for toilerties and cleaning products as they are a terrible price, also stocking up on little gifts for birthdays and christmas :-)

  3. I have spectacularly failed to welcome any new followers because I had no idea how to tell when they had joined or anything, so I must be exceedingly rude!!
    The idea of stockpiling is great. I have neither the storage nor the spare cash at the moment and we are planning on moving house next year so I'd best wait I think. A stock of small gifts, cards and wrapping paper always comes in handy and toiletries are useful to have too. :)

  4. Do be careful about use-by dates if you're going to keep things for several years. Even tins and dry goods go off eventually!

  5. I could possibly build a stockpile of the sort of proportions you are talking about, I simply do not have the room for storage. I do "empty the shelf" buy when something that I use is on a good offer and my housekeeping account is happily reflecting my savings. I keep a stock of gifts, small and large, because I sew so much. It gives me hours of pleasure and does save money as well, I have a good source of reasonably priced good quality fabric and do haunt the CS for bargains.

  6. When my mum was nearing retirement she stocked up on towels, bedding etc while she was working so she wouldn't need to buy them when their income was reduced.

    If you go on Layout and click on Template designer you can alter the width of the boxes this may give you more columns. I stuck mine along the top so I could see more, but still miss new followers!

  7. I always go to my dashboard 1st and I can see how many followers I have, I have put my list of followers at the bottom of my blog, So I can see who is following me. I only look when I see an extra follower. Often people leave ( I can understand why), but I can never see who has gone. Hubby finishes in 6 weeks, we have been replacing loads of things which would not last much longer, we have not stock pilled food, due to lack of space and concern regarding storage and things going out of date.


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