Friday, 24 July 2015

Thank you Pam!

I have today received this from Pam of A New Life in Wales:-

It's the gorgeous Cathedral Windows table topper she made (as an experiment!) the other day.  Pam very kindly offered to donate it to someone making a comment on her blog, and I was the extremely lucky recipient.  A lovely card came with it too.  Pam says it's not perfect.....well, it's not a mass-produced thing churned out in 10 minutes in a factory sweat shop, it's made carefully with thoughtfully chosen pieces, with time and love having gone into it.  And that makes it pretty darn perfect in my book. 

Pam, it's beautiful, it looks wonderful on my upcycled vintage oak table in our shabby chic dining room and I love it - thank you so much.  Bloggers are so kind!

Well, I made a start on sorting the masses of old paperwork in the desk and filing cabinet yesterday.  Half filled a carrier bag with things to be burnt, another half full bag of stuff to go in the recycling bin.  I found the tax reference I knew was there somewhere amongst the piles of stuff, which enabled me to fill in a form online and send it off, to do with my NI record.  Now I've made inroads into the sorting, it doesn't seem so daunting.....I'll finish it off this afternoon.

The cotton yarn I'd ordered arrived yesterday afternoon.....I was very good and didn't open the package until the evening - I did make a start straight away on a new project, I'll post pics in due course.

Chucking it down today, which will do the garden heaps of good (and save OH having to go out and water).  Bet the grass will be knee-high come the weekend though....


  1. Lucky you, Pam is very talented, the rain here is really heavy, but at least it will fill up the water barrel.

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  3. Lucky you, how lovely to get a table top, Pam does some lovely work, I hate dealing with paper work and vow every time that I will not let it accumulate but it does :-)

  4. Pam is so clever and quick - and the topper looks brilliant.
    Still waiting for rain here

  5. Can you feel the heat radiating from my scarlet cheeks. I am glad that you like it Sooze, I am busy cutting squares, I would love to make a full double quilt but... I will need 1000 charm squares and I am not sure about the quilting, it can not be done on the frame.
    I did a rain dance for Sue in Suffolk but must have gone widdershins as we got the rain instead.

  6. Pam's patchwork is always lovely. Well done for getting it, she is so kind....I have just found your blog and really like it. Hope you don't mind if I join you :-)

  7. The rain south of the A52 corridor's been v.heavy today. Not too much up here at Horncastle.

  8. Lucky you, I have a bag made by Pam, she is very clever and good at her craft. Heavy rain here all day, but boy we do need it.

  9. Pam is a superstar! I feel like we are part of an exclusive club!


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