Thursday, 30 July 2015

Coming out of our ears!

Thursday already, I don't know where the time is going this week, been so busy.  Thanks for all the comments on the rat more rats have been caught since I last blogged, but they're still about - yesterday I saw 2 (one very small, clearly very young, the other considerably bigger), OH has seen 3 - 2 kids, 1 adult - this morning.  They're very bold, they're running about on and off all day, although if either of us goes into the garden, they do scarper.  OH bought another couple of traps yesterday and alerted a neighbour, who has also said he'll get his traps out.  Hopefully between us we'll keep on top of them.

We're inundated with produce at the moment - like everybody, I guess.  Unfortunately, we'd stocked up on meat at the beginning of the week (well, it's fortunate in that we won't need to buy any meat for several months), which means that the freezers are practically full.  So there's the problem of what to do with all this produce.....

OH decided, for reasons known only to himself, to dig up a load of carrots the other day - 2 bucketfuls to be precise.  I've cooked and pureed a large panful and frozen them in 3 plastic tubs.  The rest we've layered in dry compost in a deep box.  We have tons of blackcurrants, blueberries and raspberries....I have 4 or 5 boxes full in the freezer, another box is half full but will be full by tomorrow and there's no room for any more boxes.  So it will have to be jam, which means I need to buy some more jars, not enough left.  I have enough bags of sugar, so no problem there.

Courgettes coming out of our ears.....I've just sliced 9 or 10, sprinkled them with olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper and put them in the oven to roast:-

We'll have some hot with lunch today (to accompany a cheese & mushroom omelette), the rest will go in the fridge to be eaten cold, I like them with a blob of mayo and a crusty roll for supper.  I think a courgette cake will have to be made too.

Have felt very lethargic and had a bit of a stomach upset the last couple of days - just what I don't need when there's so much to do. 


  1. What a lot you have got from the garden, I really can't wait to grow a few things next year, re the carrots I love carrot and swede mash x

  2. It is good to have so much produce but can be overwhelming. I am happy that the size of my garden meant small amounts of lots of things. I do have rather a lots of kale plants out though, good thing that I love it.

  3. Courgettes are mounting here, I was making soup with them today, I was thinking perhaps some courgette bread next :-)

  4. 'doing it for ourselves in wales' blog has a recipe for courgette bhajis. looked very good.

    just bought a small dehydrator. haven't tried it but the perfect answer to too many berries or other veggies.

    deb harvey

  5. Last time I had a large glut of courgettes I peeled them, cubed them and pickled them. They go so well with a ploughman`s lunch or even with any cheeses, grilled meats and pate`s.

  6. I make courgette jam.

  7. I fried courgettes in butter with some of our tomatoes and a little salt. Delicious. Now what shall I do with the other hundred?


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