Thursday, 2 July 2015

Bedroom finished

We've been decorating our bedroom this week....a hot job during the hottest week of the year, even with the windows wide open.  Our bedroom is at the back of the house, which is north facing (well, north west to be precise) so it is somewhat cooler than the front.  We slept in the front twin bedroom for 2 nights - boy, was it hot in there!  And that was sleeping in the twin beds.....thank goodness it's not a double bed in there, I think one of us would have been kicked out of bed.... ;-)

We've emulsioned the walls in a mushroom colour....initially I thought it was going to be too dark, but it lightened up a lot when it dried.  I like pale plain walls, but with plain curtains, bed linen and carpet, the room did need a bit of pattern beside the 2 large pictures I'd bought.  The room has a sticky out bit on one wall where the chimney is, so I had the idea of papering just that bit of wall to break up the plainness.  I think it's worked very well.  The paper I picked out isn't an in-your-face pattern, it's a muted one in colours that go really well with the walls and furnishings, and has flowers that exactly match the ones on one of the pictures I'd bought.  OH wasn't too sure about it when I picked it out in the shop, but seeing as he has so little eye (or regard) for colour that he will cheerfully wear non-matching tops and bottoms (or he would if I let him), I blithely assured him it would be fine.  Thank goodness it was, or I'd never hear the end of it!  tee hee

Left hand wall with papered chimney breast

Right hand side.  I love the picture above the bed

With the crochet blanket topper on.....the colours go really well.  Too hot to have the blanket on the bed at the moment though!

OH likes the room as well.....he leaves all the decorating choices up to me, I didn't want the room to be too chintzy, flowery or girly and it isn't, the two flowery pictures and the papered chimney breast add a touch of femininity without being OTT, whilst the plain walls, furnishings and sturdy antique pine furniture are masculine enough for his tastes.  He's not too keen on the decorative heart wall hangings though....

Next thing on the list is some new cushion flooring for the bathroom, I loathe the one that's in there now, it's so hard to clean and shows up every little speck of dirt (and when you have an OH who spends most of his time covered in mud and grease, there's a lot of that).

I hope we have the thunderstorms today that others had yesterday, or at least some heavy rain - it's so blooming hot and humid, I've felt like a wilted lettuce all week.

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  1. It looks lovely, I also like plain walls and accessorise with colour its cooler here today we had storms yesterday

  2. Very pretty. You both did a good job there.

  3. I love your design in this room, your blanket is stunning

  4. A tip for surviving the heat wave - open the windows overnight (I call this "nature's air conditioning") and keep them closed all day with the curtains drawn. Works for me!

  5. It looks lovely, you must be so pleased with it. I love your picture too. We decorated our bedroom earlier this year (photos are on my Through The Keyhole blog) but I still haven't found a picture I like for above the bed, it needs to be quite large really. I'm in no rush though, I'd rather wait until I find something I really like. I've been thinking about starting a blanket for my bedroom, I've crocheted them for everyone but me so far. Yours looks great, the colours go so well with your new decor.

  6. Your bedroom looks v swanky! I wish I could crochet!


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