Sunday, 12 July 2015

25 Things.....

John at Going Gently and Pam at A New Life in Wales have both published 25 Fascinating Facts about themselves.  In a shameless swiping of their idea, here are mine:-

1.  One of my earliest memories is of living with my paternal grandparents in an old day the kitchen ceiling collapsed.
2.  There was a flock of geese on the farm, which used to chase my brother and I, frightening the life out of us.
3.  We lived in Gibraltar for a while when I was about 6 or 7.....we were out for a walk up the Rock one day when a Barbary Ape ran up and stole my beloved favourite big doll.  The ape ran up a tree and pulled my doll apart - literally pulling its arms and legs off.  I screamed and cried inconsolably for hours.  I've hated monkeys ever since.
4.  My Nan taught me to crochet.  All the women in my family can knit......apart from me, despite the best efforts of both my Nan and my Mum to teach me, I've just never been able to grasp it.
5.  I loathe sewing.  In Needlework at school, we could choose a garment to make for our first effort.....classmates chose simple t-shirts or A-line skirts, I chose a pair of trousers.  I never finished them and have never made anything since.
6.  When I was about 9, I pushed my 8 y.o. brother down a small hill, following some argument.  He went face first into a tree and knocked a couple of teeth out.  I was sent to bed with no tea.
7.  I love the Terminator films and the Bond films with Daniel Craig and Sean Connery.  I don't like the Roger Moore ones though.
8.  I also love musicals.....My Fair Lady is one of my favourite films ever.
9.  I'm scared of heights.  Despite this, my husband talked me into going on a cable car ride on the Isle of Wight.  I kept my eyes shut for the entire ride.
10. Purple, pink and blue are my favourite colours.  I have had purple hair in the recent past.
11. I have a blue butterfly tattoo on my left foot, and a purple pansy one on the inside of my right forearm.  I had them done as a birthday present to myself 5 years ago.  When I was having them done, my friend's husband stood behind me with his hands on my shoulders, in case I fainted (I didn't).
12. I found my first grey hair when I was 24.  I was horrified, and vowed I would never willingly go grey.
13. I've never learnt to drive.  I did take the written test some years ago and passed with flying colours, getting all the questions right.  However, a car accident destroyed my confidence behind the wheel.
14. I have a deep-seated phobia of 8-legged things (I can't even say the word). 
15. Cheese, virtually any kind, is probably my favourite food, closely followed by roast lamb and McCoys ridged crisps.  Not all together on the same plate though.
16. I absolutely hate celery, even the smell of it makes me feel sick.
17. I don't like red wine, it gives me a headache and a very flushed face.
18. I've done jury service twice.
19. I have incredibly strong nails and teeth - I have never had a filling or tooth extraction.  Probably due to the calcium from all that cheese!
20. When I was 19 I got an electric shock from a faulty coffee machine at work, it threw me a few feet across the room and knocked me out.  I spent a night in hospital hooked up to machines and was released with a clean bill of health the next day.
21. I find having a blood test fascinating and always watch (I'm diabetic so have regular blood tests).  But my nurse says she finds it offputting when I watch her!
22. I get prickly heat rash on my feet, legs and arms when it's really hot.
23. I have a schoolboy sense of humour and giggle at the stupid smutty toilet jokes on The Inbetweeners.
24. I love 70s/80s music and sing loudly to my CDs when husband is out at work.
25. My best friend is male, we've known each other for years and have the same stupid sense of humour


  1. I love these lists! I giggled at you and your brother and his teeth! Your poor Mama!

    1. Yes, think I got off quite lightly!

  2. Brothers can be a bottomless pit of tales, I know that my 2 are. I have never plucked up the courage to have a tattoo. Like the list, I hope that it catches on.

    1. Yes they can.....perhaps surprisingly, in view of the teeth incident, my brother and I do actually get on very well. I always used to stick up for him at school - now, seeing as he's an ex-policeman and rugby player and is a foot taller than me, he doesn't really need sticking up for.

  3. I've enjoyed reading both lists & yours was fun too! x

    1. Thanks Jo, perhaps you should do one!


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