Saturday, 27 June 2015


I know I shouldn't complain about good weather, but I just don't cope with it very well.  I'm blonde (well, mostly out of a bottle now but am/was naturally blonde!), fair skinned with freckles and I burn VERY easily.  I don't sit out in the sun (lobster face is not attractive), but it's not just the burning skin.....heat makes me feel physically ill.  I probably should have been born in Iceland rather than southern England.  The thermometer in our front garden reads 30 deg C at the moment....needless to say, I'm hiding indoors where it is cooler.  And it's forecast to be hotter still next week.....

I don't feel much like cooking/baking in this weather.....who would want to be in a kitchen made boiling hot by the oven when the temp is so high anyway?  But OH needs cake.  So I try to bake early in the morning before it gets too hot, or in the evening when it's cooled down a bit.  I try to bake several things at once too, since I don't like having the oven on for just one thing and it saves time another day.

Dc from Frugal in Norfolk made this cake the other day (sorry, that's the only way I know how to link to another site) and I thought it sounded so delicious.  I used strawberries and raspberries from our garden.  The sponge base came out very stiff for me (I suspect I measured the ingredients wrong....I blame it on the heat addling my brain) so I added a splash of milk and it was fine then.  I had a slice for lunch (didn't fancy the spag bol I did for OH, too hot to eat hot food) and it's so nice, i'll definitely be making it again.

I also did a trayful of Mediterranean style veggies - yellow and red peppers, aubergine, mushrooms, red onions, plus courgettes from the garden, which are now starting to arrive daily.  Some of this has been frozen, the rest is in the fridge.....I like it cold with a blob of mayo, it makes a lovely light supper for me when OH is at work. 

I also made a leek, potato and cheese pie.....double crust pie with sliced leeks softened in oil, then mixed with some leftover boiled potatoes mashed up, lots of grated cheese, double cream and black pepper.  We'll have it cold for lunch tomorrow with salad.

Thanks for all your comments re haircutting.....seems half of us have a go ourselves (so glad i'm not alone!).  Joy, no unfortunately, we don't live near Warminster, we're on the western side of Somerset.

I see I have a couple of new followers, Everyday Gems and 1st Man - thank you, you are most welcome.


  1. Glad to meet you, Blondie!


  2. I braved the heat this afternoon and made bread and a pizza for dinner, the sun hits my kitchen and dining/sewing room first thing but by lunchtime it has moved round to the sitting room. Once the kitchen cools down a bit I am ok to think about cooking. I am/was blonde and have to be very wary of the sun, lots of factor 50 and a sun hat and prescription sunnies do the trick. I am going to try the recipe with wild strawberries.

    1. I need new prescription sunnies, thanks for reminding me!

  3. Hello! *waves*
    Am here from A beautiful Life, Tracey's blog. I just thought your tinned tomatoes tip was GENIUS. Never thought of that before!
    Plus I'm on Day 7 of a cleanse thingy but my mouth is watering at your leek pie. Yum yum. Might gave to have it on Monday! I love finding new blogs to read xx

    1. Aww bless you Rachel, thank you and welcome.

  4. Take it easy in that heat Sue. xx


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