Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Having a lovely time....

Well, the holiday is everything we hoped it would be....apart from Monday when we had a howling gale all day, the weather here in not-so-wet-Wales has been pretty good.  In fact, today it was intermittently quite hot.  We didn't even mind it being so bad on Monday, as it meant we had an enforced lazy day just reading or watching TV, it was good to relax and recharge our batteries.  The holiday cottage, which is beautiful, has exclusive use of the owner's indoor pool, sauna and hot tub - how luxurious!  The sauna is lovely, but we especially like the hot tub and are making full use of it....there's nothing so good as relaxing in hot bubbly water outside in a very pretty garden - sheer bliss.

Today we've been to St. David's, a tiny cathedral city about a dozen miles from where we're staying.  We've been there before but didn't go inside the Cathedral, so did that today.  It's beautiful, as are all cathedrals.....whilst I'm not remotely religious, I do love cathedrals - the sheer hugeness and majesty of the architecture never fails to amaze me, how people managed to construct such magnificent massive buildings all those years ago with essentially very primitive tools just blows my mind.  The intricate, detailed and highly decorative carvings and ceilings, plus the fabulously beautiful stained glass windows, fill me with awe.  I took some photos (with my phone, as always, so apologies for their inadequacies). 

Just one little moan here.....this cathedral, in common with several others we've been in, makes a point of saying it has free entry, but has posters and a big collection point right in your face in the entrance way, asking for a 'suggested donation of £3.00 per adult'.  Now, don't get me wrong, I do realise the upkeep of such a building costs a lot and don't mind at all making a donation.  But a 'voluntary' donation should surely be just that - a voluntary amount, of whatever you feel able to make, NOT what amounts to more or less a blatant demand for a fixed amount.  Having said that, £3.00 is a lot less than some others we've been in......Right, i'll get off my soapbox now!


The ceiling was just glorious, so beautiful.  The tapestry in the last photo was amazingly detailed with the most intricate stitches, it must have taken months and months to complete, such beautiful work by a very talented person.

On the way back from St. David's, we went to Porthgain, a tiny very picturesque harbour our cottage owner had told us about.  It was very hot and sunny, we climbed up on the hill overlooking the harbour and open sea and sat there for a while, hoping we might see some luck though. 

I'd read on TripAdvisor about a collectibles shop with tea room attached, in a little village called Mathry, 3 or 4 miles down the road from here, so we stopped off there for afternoon tea.  The reviews said it was good....they weren't wrong, it was fabulous.

Sandwiches with 2 fillings, crisps, scones with jam and fresh strawberries, an assortment of cakes.  The little gold-rimmed cups held strawberry jelly with cream and strawberry-flavoured chocolate cute!  And a large pot of really good tea, and all served in/on very pretty vintage china.  It only cost £14 for the two of us, which we thought was a really good price, especially seeing as, having eaten the sandwiches, crisps, scones and jelly, we couldn't manage the cakes so the proprietor boxed them up for us to bring home.

Oh, and I bought a lovely 2-tier cake stand in the blue & white china I'm collecting, in the little collectibles shop, which had some lovely things in it.  I forgot to take a photo of it though.



  1. I love being able to visit places and have a wonderful afternoon tea, our local cafe does a great tea, but far too much to eat, we often miss lunch before going there.

  2. I am so glad the weather has improved for you and you are having a lovely time here :-)

  3. Went to a wedding at Dt David's many years ago. My favourite beach is Newgale - such a fabulous unspoilt stretch of sand. A really lively part of the World! So glad you're having a nice relaxing time after all your troubles x

  4. Looks fab, I always like looking around churches and cathedrals, and that tea looks scrumptious, I love it when is on nice china x

  5. It all sounds really lovely , I'm keen on Cathedrals too, they make you feel so tiny in comparison. And a delicious looking tea too. I'm so glad you are having a well deserved restful break

  6. I am happy that you are enjoying Wales, it is lovely up there. the afternoon tea sounds very good.

  7. glad youre having a fab time, it sounds great.

  8. I'm so pleased you've had a lovely time and been able to relax. X


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