Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A day out

Yesterday we decided to have a day off from gardening, housework and baking and went out for the day.  OH gets 3 days off a week, he does 12+ hours on the night shift the other 4 days, so every couple of weeks we try to have a day out.  We went to Porlock Weir, which is a small and very pretty village and harbour a few miles west of Minehead.  It has some very lovely old cottages, some of which inevitably are holiday accommodation.  There are a handful of small shops which are geared to tourists - high end shops though, not cheap tourist rubbish.  There's a couple of galleries, glass blowing studio, handmade jewellery, beautifully made wood furniture and picture frames etc......all of the crafts, paintings etc are locally made/painted.  Everything is beautiful, although naturally costs a lot. 

There are 2 pubs serving food, both with plenty of outside seating to take advantage of the lovely harbour and sea views.  Again, they're not cheap though.  Porlock Weir is a tourist magnet because it's so pretty, but it's at the opposite end of the spectrum to the likes of the holiday camp dominated places like Minehead and Weston super Mare.

An oyster farm was set up in the bay last year (couldn't see any evidence of it though).....apparently oyster fishing was big business here years ago until it was overfished to extinction by trawlers.  There are plans to start selling the oysters to the public very soon.  I won't be partaking.....they just don't appeal, I'm too girly and squeamish when it comes to shellfish!

view from the bench where we ate lunch

and another.....the beach is stony, no sand

across the car park to the hills beyond

We took a packed lunch which we ate sitting at a picnic table overlooking the beach, the above pics were taken from there.  The weather was intermittently cloudy and sunny, very warm but with a stiff cool breeze coming off the sea.  After lunch we had a walk round and looked in some of the shops, then sat in the sun by the harbour.

some of the little shops, there's also a tiny (one room!) museum

the harbour, the tide was well and truly out!

these cottages are on a little island, when the tide is in they can only be reached by a bridge over  the harbour wall to the right of the picture

closer view of the cottages....the end thatched one is a holiday cottage with a lovely garden and the most wonderful views

looking back towards the village from the little island

We had a lovely time there.  On the way back we stopped off at the supermarket in Minehead for a few things and picked up some bedding plants for the front garden.....yellow French Marigolds, Dianthus and Antirrhinums - very reasonably priced.  Planted them out straight away when we got back....well, after a cup of tea of course.


  1. How relaxing for you both, it doe's us all good to have a change from routines, x

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  3. If you like old world, you should try Watchet, they only have a small area around the harbour, but it's nice to walk the walls and not to long.

    1. Marlene, we go there often, Watchet is quite near us.

  4. That was lovely, thank you. I clicked the pictures in new tabs and they come up beautifully.

    I wonder why such a large area of the car park was marked as No Parking?

    1. No idea Toni.....unless it's to allow access for cars towing boat trailers onto/off the beach area. Or maybe for vehicular access to the rear of the 17th C cottages that are beside the car park and back onto the beach.


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