Monday, 25 May 2015


Thank you all for your lovely comments regarding the chair and our upcoming holiday after the funeral.  It means such a lot that people I don't even know (plus of course some I do know!) are so kind, the blogging world is such a friendly one, so thank you all again.

I doubt I'll be blogging again this week, too much to do.  Will be taking laptop on hols, so will try to blog and post some pics next week (note to self, don't forget to pack phone charger, USB lead and laptop lead!).

3 days till the funeral, 5 till our holiday....

Hope everyone enjoys their Bank holiday and has a lovely week.


  1. Enjoy your holiday x

  2. Get through the funeral and then enjoy your holiday.

  3. I'm sure the holiday will energise you after all the stresses and strains recently.

  4. Have a happy holidays. As you said blogging helps to get many friends and to know many information's all around...


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