Sunday, 10 May 2015

Pie making

We've got rhubarb coming out of our ears at the moment......we've had it as crumbles, cake and simply stewed with Greek yogurt recently, but OH asked for a pie.  I also had 3 rashers of back bacon to use up and thought of stretching them out with other stuff in some individual pies.  When I make pastry, I make a huge batch at a time, portion it up and freeze it, so I took 2 lumps out of the freezer this morning.

For the savoury pies, I peeled and diced a couple of potatoes and parboiled them for a couple of minutes.  Sliced 2 small red onions (the last of our home grown ones from last year) and softened them in a little oil, along with the bacon chopped into small pieces.  I mixed the drained spuds, bacon and onions in a bowl and left it all to cool, then added a good couple of handfuls of grated mature Cheddar, some sage and plenty of black pepper.  Lined 4 individual enamel pie dishes with pastry, filling in, lids on, egg washed and some extra grated cheese sprinkled over. 

Chopped 3 long sticks of rhubarb (the sticks are REALLY long this year!) and piled them in a pastry lined glass pie dish.  Shook some ground ginger over, added a couple of tablespoons of Demerara sugar and lid on.

Baked both savoury and sweet pies for about 45 mins.  We'll have 2 of the individual bacon, cheese & potato pies for lunch tomorrow, the other 2 are being frozen.  The rhubarb pie will last us 3 days.


I seem to get my feet in most of the pics I take!  You can tell I'm not a photographer can't you?!


  1. Ha ha Sue, if you'd never mentioned the feet, I'd never have noticed...I'll be watching out for them from now on :)
    Pies look lovely, and the cheesy ones sound delicious..not that the rhubarb one doesn't, but not keen on fruit pies.

    1. The cheesy bacon ones were yummy, have frozen 2 to take with us on hol.

  2. My rhubarb crowns are new this year, so none for me. I have had some from the local fruit and veg stall, it is better then the supermarket but home grown is best.

    1. It definitely is'll have lots of rhubarb to come next year then. We only have the one crown but it's huge this year.


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