Friday, 15 May 2015

Normal life is suspended

The reasons for writing this blog - baking, growing veg & fruit, crocheting, sourcing and renovating preloved furniture - have gone out of the window right now.  Our lives at the moment are completely dominated by matters to do with MiL's death, funeral and winding up her affairs.  Not going into details but it's all becoming more and more of a problem and is causing us a great deal of stress.

Hopefully, we'll get back to our normal peaceful uneventful life soon.  Our holiday can't come soon enough.

Until then, I probably won't be posting much, sorry about that.


  1. This will pass in the fullness of time. just get through it as best you can and then your real life can resume. Most of us will have some experience of what you are enduring, and will be sympathetic. Take care of yourself.

  2. Take your time, we will still be here for you x

  3. We look forward to your return, sad and hard times for you both xxx

  4. I hope you both return from the much needed holiday revived and ready to move on with life :-)

  5. So many things to organise and at a distance too. I hope you get it all sorted and have a lovely restful holiday.
    Take care

  6. I'm so sorry for all of your stress and worry and really pray for a quick end to it all. We are all thinking of you both and sending hugs and support via the Internet! X


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