Monday, 18 May 2015

Keeping busy

Have been throwing myself into keeping busy.....that way I don't have time to dwell on things that are beyond my control.  So today has been a mixture of food shopping, cooking and baking, painting and even a bit of crocheting in between.

I'd roasted a big tray of veggies (halved small new potatoes, butternut squash, courgettes and red onion) with some chicken thighs at the weekend, there was 1 thigh and quite a lot of veg left.  So I made up a pint of chicken stock in a pan, put the veg into it and simmered until it was very soft.  Went shopping.  After we'd got back and put the shopping away, I whizzed up the veg & stock with my stick blender, then added the diced chicken meat off the thigh.  That was lunch, with a crusty roll.

Put the 2nd (and final) coat of antique cream on the first of the dining chairs.  Turns out I hadn't stirred the paint thoroughly enough when I did the first coat, hence why it was so drippy.....OH put a lot more effort into it and mixed it really well, it's so much better now.  I really like the look of the painted chair, just got to touch up a couple of bits tomorrow and I'll take a photo of the finished chair.

Back was killing me after contorting myself to get into all the nooks and crannies of the chair, so sat down for 30 mins and did a few more rows of my chunky's coming on so well, I love it.

Made a big panful of Bolognese and spaghetti for dinner, I've frozen half of it as a ready meal to take on holiday with us, to join the fish pie and bacon, cheese & potato pasties I've already made and frozen for the holiday.

Also made a dozen fruit scones, half of which are being frozen too.  Whilst the oven was on, I chopped up and baked a dishful of rhubarb - some to be kept in the fridge to have with Greek yogurt for breakfasts, the rest again frozen.  We have rhubarb coming out of our ears at the mo!

Thank you all for your kind comments, they are really appreciated.


  1. I envy you the rhubarb, last year I had some from a neighbour but her plants are being very sluggish this year and she has none to spare.

  2. Just keep plodding Sue and the hard bits will soon be over. Keep concentrating on your holiday too.


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