Saturday, 23 May 2015

....and counting

5 days to go till the funeral, 7 days till our holiday.

I'm in full holiday prep mode now, starting to sort out holiday clothes and lay them out on one of the spare beds.  OH is under orders not to wear for the next week anything he wants to wear on holiday....he has a nasty habit of throwing clothes he's worn back into the wardrobe, instead of the washing basket, leaving me to find them, needing washing, a day or two before we go away.  He claims that if he's worn something only once, it doesn't need washing....give over, darling, you're a dirt magnet!

We (or rather, I) start preparing for our precious holidays (we don't have one every year) weeks or months in advance....I put aside money for fuel and spending and each week when we go shopping I buy something for the coffee, sun cream (we live in hope) or a bottle of wine.  We always go self catering but don't want to spend our saved cash on food and nor do I want to spend the holiday cooking, so I cook and freeze things in advance.....we have a big cool box we take with us.  So far I've made pasties, spag bol, a fish pie and a chicken pasta bake.  Today I made a quiche and a chocolate cake.  So that's 5 dinners sorted, I'll also take some chicken pieces to have with salad.  We plan on having fish and chips one day.  We prefer to use our spending money for treats - such as the fish and chips, and we'll go to a café I've read good reviews about that does an excellent proper afternoon tea.

I've finished top coating the first dining chair, it looks lovely, I'm so pleased with was worth contorting myself to paint all the (very) fiddly bars and twists and getting splattered with splashes.....I'm a very messy painter!

As it was when we bought it, covered in old varnish and scuff marks

Stripped of varnish, sanded down, primed and top coated (apologies for the messy table!)

Now I just need to top coat the other three....oh, and look for some nice cushion pads.


  1. The chairs are going to look really good x

  2. You have done a good job. It's very hard painting over previously varnished furniture too. Changing our internal doors from varnished wood to white paint caused us many problems - one tiny bit of varnish left and the paint won't adhere properly (only half are done and that's starting last year!)

  3. Fantastic job Sue, hope you get to have a lovely holiday with lots of sun.

  4. The chair is looking good, I hope you have a good holiday & get to crack open the sun cream x

  5. Good luck with the cushion pads, the only ones we have liked were £19.99 each, so that was a pass, we have 6 chairs.

  6. I bought thick but plain cushion pads and made covers for them, I used 2 different fabrics for each side so I can have a change. Your chair looks so good, I look forward to seeing the set, have a good holiday.

  7. Have a wonderful vacation. I'm sure the other chairs will turn out as well as the first. Joan

  8. The chair is looking good. I have chair pads that are squares of foam covered with fabric that ties under the chair. Very easy to make so I can change the look easily. I would like to invest in a button thing so I can improve the look.
    Good idea to focus on your holiday.


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