Sunday, 19 April 2015

The House

We live in a 1950s 3 bed semi down a quiet lane in a very rural farming area....our house is one of 4 that belong to the farm and is on the edge of the past times the 4 cottages all housed farm workers.  We look out onto fields both front and back, it's beautiful here and we count ourselves very lucky to live here.  We've been here 2 years now.

The previous tenant clearly did nothing to the house or garden (a middle-aged man who worked full time and lived on his own for several years after his wife left him).  He presumably didn't own a vacuum cleaner, mop or paintbrushes......every room was filthy when we moved in and the place hadn't been decorated for years.

Our Landlord arranged for the bathroom to be fully refitted before we moved in, for which we were very grateful......the original bathroom was horrendous.  He also arranged for the very old (condemned!) Rayburn to be taken out and oil-fired central heating installed. 

OH has built the most lovely rustic shelves in the alcove where the Rayburn was, I've now got all my cookery books, my collection of jugs and some kitchen equipment on them.

We've got lots of plans for the house.  As I said, the previous tenant clearly did nothing.....the first bit of decorating we did was to the smallest bedroom, which still had children's (peeling) wallpaper on the walls, and luminous stars attached to the polystyrene ceiling.....the tenant's son who used that bedroom (and who works with OH) is now in his mid-30s, so the room hadn't been decorated for about 30 years.  We've also painted the hall, stairs and landing, which were really grubby.  We couldn't do any decorating until the central heating installation had been done last year, we're now doing one room at a time, the worst first.

We want to furnish the house with preloved and renovated things.....we are gradually replacing most of our, frankly crap, modern furniture with things more in keeping with the age and style of the house.  We scour charity and second hand shops, car boot sales and vintage fairs for cheap but good quality things and have managed to get some real bargains so far.

I'm after blue & white Willow pattern crockery too......last week I picked up 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates, a fruit bowl and 2 cake plates very cheaply in a vintage store.

We have a list of things we want.....there's no rush to do it all at once, we know it will be a long term project, we just pick up things as and when we see them (and have the money!).

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