Monday, 20 April 2015

The Garden

The front garden is small and pretty, full of flowers with a small lawn, it's south facing so gets the sun all day.  With hedges on 2 sides it's very sheltered and is where we sit, rather than the back garden.  I have 2 blueberries in pots here, and several pots of herbs.

The back garden is a good size, quite open with a picket fence surrounding it and a large field just beyond the fence.  It doesn't get as much sun as the front, obviously, in fact it's really only the rear half of the garden that gets any sun.  It's quite windy, too....the Bristol channel is only a mile or 2 away as the crow flies and we get a lot of wind coming off there.  So we don't sit out in the back garden! 

The garden was mostly laid to lawn, with a mini forest of wildly overgrown assorted shrubs in the middle, and a small one-time veg patch which was completely overrun with weeds....both back and front gardens had clearly been neglected for years when we first moved in.  Our first year here was spent cutting down and digging out all the shrubs.....they were so neglected, we only managed to save a lilac, one rose bush and a fuschia.....having pruned them heavily and relocated them we weren't even sure they'd survive, but they have.  There was a very old cooking apple tree at the bottom of the was diseased and didn't fruit very well.  No idea what variety it was, but the apples from it were horrible - very soft, and that was before they were cooked.  Once cooked they collapsed into mush within a couple of minutes and had hardly any flavour.  So we decided that had to go too.

OH built and dug 4 new raised beds for veggies last year.....this year he's added another raised bed, just for fruit.  We now have 2 Conference pears, a Fiesta dessert apple, a Bountiful cooking apple and a Victoria plum, all are blossoming well, although I doubt we'll get any fruit from them this year, except maybe the plum which has been in the ground 2 years.  There are 2 blackcurrants (one we brought with us from our last house, it's a heavy cropper) and a dozen raspberries in the new fruit bed.  We also have rhubarb and lots of strawberries, so are well supplied with fruit.  Having seen on Dawn's blog Doing it for ourselves in Wales that she grows citrus trees, I really want to get a lemon tree too.....thanks Dawn, I thought citrus trees had to be in a heated greenhouse or conservatory in this country!

We did grow some veg last year and intend to grow lots more now the beds are all in place, along with our two polytunnels, the 2nd of which we've only just got.

We are planning to have two more raised beds in the centre of the lawn.....after all, we don't sit out in the back garden so we may as well make use of the space.  And it cuts down the amount of grass to cut!

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