Monday, 20 April 2015

Testing photos

Having managed (for the first time!) to transfer (upload?) photos from my phone to the computer, I will now attempt to put some on my blog.

This is our front garden (well, a bit of it) and the field beyond.  Sometimes there are sheep in that field, sometimes cows.....the farmer is letting the grass recover since the sheep were last in there a few weeks ago.

The back garden, with more fields beyond, generally used for crops but is being allowed to lie fallow this year.  Our fruit bed is on the left, veg beds on the right.

Well, that seemed to work, amazingly!  I'm such a child when it comes to techie stuff.....well, except that a child would of course know exactly how to do all this stuff.  Now I know how to do it, I'll try and post more pics in the coming weeks.


  1. When posting photos it will help if you keep them small and at a low pixel rate such as 72 otherwise your allowance will get used up relatively quickly. Welcome to blog land!

  2. Thanks for that, I'm very new to all this as you can probably see!

  3. Lovely to meet a new blogger, newly returned that is. The pictures look good, I hope that you will share some of the improvements that you do to the house. My garden was waist high with meadow grass, brambles and nettles when I moved in last year but it is steadily improving. I have not done much to the inside as it is not a disaster zone and the garden was my priority. This autumn I will make a start on the interior, nothing major, just a paint job. I will be covering the walls with mini quilts, bunting and such like.

  4. Thank you Pam and welcome to my blog. We won't be doing any major work to the house either, as we're tenants. But as we shall be living here for the foreseeable future (the farm landlords like long-term tenants) we shall be doing things to make it a comfortable home. I like the sound of your mini quilts and bunting.


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