Saturday, 18 April 2015

Hello! An Introduction....

Welcome to my new blog.

This is the first time I have blogged in a long time.....I used to have a dieting blog a few years ago, but that fell by the wayside along with the diet.  No dieting nowadays, other than trying to eat mostly healthily, cutting down drastically on sugar and as much as possible on carbs.  There is the occasional lapse, of course.....after all, I'm not Gwyneth Paltrow (in looks or weird obsessional dietary habits).

This blog will be about our daily life, the things we cook, bake, grow and make, and our ongoing preparations leading up to husband's retirement.

There's just OH and I, he currently works full time (4 days a week, 12+ hour shifts), whilst I stay home.  OH works in the garden on his days off, we have a productive veg & fruit garden at the back of the house, along with 2 small polytunnels.  He potters in his garage, builds things (fences, raised beds, cloches, compost bins) and generally clutters up my utility room, dining room, under the stairs and anywhere else he can get away with it, with his tools.  I cook all our meals from scratch, bake bread, pies and cakes, make jams and chutneys, blanch and freeze our produce.  I also crochet.....blankets and throws, mostly.  They give a house a lovely homely feel.

Next year OH reaches retirement age (how on earth did that happen?!  He was a boy of 30 when we met!).  Whilst he won't be retiring from work, he will be reducing to 3 days a week for a year, and then 2 days per week for a further 2 years, if all goes according to plan.

Our income will fall quite substantially when OH reduces his hours and then eventually stops work.  We are therefore planning now for the future, so that we may still enjoy a comfortable, if not affluent, lifestyle. 

When I did the diet blog some years ago, I never did get around to posting pictures.  Not even sure how to do it.....techie stuff has never been my strong point (being blonde and menopausal and, well, not techie).  I will read up on it though and try to post pics. 


  1. Welcome back to blog land, I look forward to seeing your blog grow :-)


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