Wednesday, 22 April 2015


All the women in my family are Nanna used to knit as a job, she made baby clothes, shawls and things like toilet roll holders for some company who paid her to do it.  I'm sure she was paid peanuts, even though the things she made were beautiful.  She tried on many occasions to teach me to knit....for some reason I just couldn't get the hang of it at all.  My mother also tried, with no luck.  However, Nanna also taught me to crochet.....successfully.  I've loved it ever since.  I used to crochet a lot in my teens and 20s, mostly baby clothes, or scarves as birthday/Christmas presents.  The most elaborate thing I did was a fine lace tablecloth for my Mother's 60th took me months and, I have to say, put me off crocheting for a long time!

Since moving down here to Somerset and adopting a slower pace of life, I've taken it up again.  No fancy stuff, though - I can't be bothered with that anymore (plus my eyesight isn't what it used to be!).  I've made several blankets, throws and cushion covers.  Last week I finished a rainbow throw as a present for my Mother, who is fairly immobile now and gets very cold legs.  Now I'm doing a single bed size blanket, to replace one I made a couple of years ago which wasn't one of my best efforts.

The rainbow throw I did for my Mother, it was about half completed here.  I followed Lucy of Attic24's pattern for her Cosy Stripe blanket.

Two of the blankets on the beds.  I like the patchwork one a lot.....just don't like joining all the squares and sewing the ends in!


  1. I love my crochet blankets as much as my quilts, I have them on the sofa backs ready to pull over my shoulders or lap if I feel a bit chilly.

    1. Your quilts are beautiful, Pam......I loathe sewing with a passion!

  2. loving the colours in your new throw/blanket


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