Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Betty back to normal, and food processing

Thank you for your kind comments, as always.  I stayed downstairs on the sofa for 2 nights, to keep an eye on Betty - she was quite restless and out of sorts.  She's now been back to the vet for her post-op check and has been pronounced absolutely fine, the cut is healing so well not even another dressing needed, and we don't have to take her back again unless there are any problems.  We've to keep on with her anti-inflammatory pain med for another 2 or 3 days, small meals spread throughout the day rather than the 2 large ones she normally has, and only short walks on the lead for a further week.  That's going to be the hardest thing - she's already back to being full of beans and is straining at the leash to be let off and run!  We've decided to take her for 5 or 6 short walks daily for the time being, rather than the 2 or 3 long walks/runs she normally has.  Thank goodness husband's retired!

It's totally amazing to me that she's so well and lively after what is, after all, a total hysterectomy - if that was one of us ladies, we'd not be feeling like running around 3 days after the op!  Animals are just so incredibly resilient.

It was a shame about our holiday, to be honest it really didn't feel much like a holiday at all.  We're hoping we may be able to get away for a short break in the not too distant future.

I'm having a day in the kitchen (just sat down for a quick coffee and rest) - there's so much fruit and veg produce to deal with and process at the mo.  I've just made bread dough and chopped carrots, onion and beetroot in the processor to make veggie/bean burgers.  Our friendly neighbours gave us a bag of cooking apples last week, I'll be making a couple of apple cakes, possibly some chutney, and simply stewing some for the freezer.  Bought a massive cauli reduced to 40p yesterday, will make a couple of cauli/macaroni cheese dishes to freeze.  Husband brought in two courgettes that had turned into marrows (he said he didn't see them!!) - one we'll have stuffed probably for dinner tomorrow, the other I'll grate and add to the pack of minced lamb I have in the freezer, that'll make a couple of shepherds pies.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Back, mostly all well, but poor Betty :(

Thank you for your kind comments.  The two family members who had serious health worries have had their results back....not nearly as bad as feared, although still ongoing problems to be dealt with.  At least we can breathe a sigh of relief now though.

We went away last Friday for a week's holiday in Cornwall (it was looking like we may have had to cancel, due to the family health problems, but fortunately results came back early in the week).  Unfortunately, though, we had no end of problems with both the car and the holiday cottage, which meant we threw in the towel and came back home 2 days early - we just weren't feeling the holiday.  Oh well, never mind, it was a relief to be home.

We took Betty for her spaying op today - all went well, we brought her home at 3.30 pm and she's not moved off her bed since - she's just sleeping off the anaesthetic, hardly even changing position.  For the first half hour she whimpered like a baby, broke my heart.  She's not interested in food yet (I cooked a bit of chicken for her) and wouldn't even have a drink, although she did lick a few drops of water off my fingers.  

10 minutes later.....she's just woken up and had a few sips of water, thank goodness, I was beginning to get a bit worried.  I'm going to stay up with her tonight, I'll sleep (ha!) on the sofa.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Back soon

Very busy at the mo, and some worrying family health issues.  Will post when I can.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Utility room pics

Here are the pics I took of the finished utility room.  Well, I say finished - it is, more or less, but I still need to buy a length of material to make a curtain to cover the underneath of the worktop.  It's where stuff we don't use much is stored and looks a bit unsightly, I'd rather it was all hidden away from sight.  And a pretty bright flowery curtain would bring in a bit of colour.  The whole room is very light in colour, which is what I wanted - it was very dark and dingy before and I wanted a complete change.  The paleness of it all makes the room look so much bigger than before - it is a pretty good size, about 12ft x 15ft, with a space of about 2ft x 4ft taken up by the boiler cupboard.

The ceiling where the mould was before, all treated and replastered.  It would be nice to get that horrible strip light replaced, I really don't like strip lights (unfortunately, we have them in the kitchen and dining room too), but that's a job for an electrician.  Husband can turn his hand to most things, with the exception of electrics, which he doesn't feel competent enough to do.

The cupboards all now beautifully matching, with the lovely new worktop underneath.  The baskets on the left hold vegetables, the plastic lidded boxes I store supplies of packet foods in, the green one contains the dog food.  Tins and jars I keep in the cupboards.

The space underneath the worktop where we keep not much used stuff, which is where I'll put a curtain across to hide it all.

The washing machine corner, with spare fridge and small freezer.

Beside the boiler cupboard, new upright freezer replacing the old knackered chest freezer, which has now gone to the tip.

Tumble dryer beside the door to the garden...note the lovely new vinyl floor covering.  After I'd taken this shot, husband removed the last of his tools (on the worktop in the corner) and promises not to bring them back in!  I've said he can use the drawers beside the tumbler if he likes, I have enough Fablon left over to cover those too.

The next jobs on the agenda are decorating the twin spare room, and husband wants to box in the horrible 50s fireplace in the lounge.  Those are jobs for next month.

Thank you to Briony, TA, Cheryl and Dawn for your comments, and welcome to a new follower, Janipi p.

Friday, 25 August 2017

The hearing thing....

Thank you so much everyone for all the comments....I also had an email from Chris who gave me some helpful info - thanks.

Amazing how many of us suffer with tinnitus, seems to be a common thing.  Toni, I hadn't actually noticed that your aid is cerise - how lovely!  The colour would suit you perfectly!  I didn't know they came in colours.  How funny about your tooth and our backs - I know we like a lot of the same things, but it seems we have even more in common :-)  I've tried that massaging/draining lymph nodes thing a few times, can't say it's made any difference to my tinnitus though.

Cheryl, my tinnitus is white noise (my mum's is a buzzing noise) so I can't see how more white noise would help me at night.....doesn't it just irritate you more?

Vix, total hip replacement at 39? Blimey, I've never heard of anyone having it that young!

I'm still undecided about the hearing aids.  I think I'm going to book a free hearing test at Specsavers (they say they put you under no obligation to buy aids, they merely give you advice) and have a chat with the technician who does it.  At the hospital, I was so taken aback when the specialist said I had significant hearing loss that I didn't really take in much of what else he said, and didn't think to ask questions.  Now I've recovered from the shock a bit, I can go to Specsavers armed with a list of questions.

The doctor in charge of the hearing therapy clinic rang me a couple of days ago, which I thought was a bit odd (ringing me I mean), considering that the clinic is for patients with hearing loss!  Luckily, I can hear people on the phone fairly well, provided there's no background noise or interference, in which case I can't hear a thing.  Anyway, she said there's quite a long waiting list for the clinic and she wouldn't be able to see me until November.

In other, happier news, we've finished the utility room at last, I'm so pleased with it, it looks lovely.  With the walls and ceiling painted white, light coloured vinyl flooring (instead of the old bare concrete) and pale wood coloured Fablon covering the cupboard doors, the room looks much bigger.  The Fablon was an absolute bugger to put on the doors, it kept creasing and bubbling and sticking to itself....when Valerie, Peter and John used sticky back plastic on Blue Peter they made it look so easy!!  Anyway, it's done, it's lovely.  I've taken pics and will put them on another post.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Nearly done, and a bit of a shock

Thank you for the comments on my last post (welcome Vix, I'm honoured!  I said hello to you once when you were trading in Bristol a couple of years ago).

All the decorating is finished in the utility room, OH has fitted the new (to us) worktops, and the new Venetian blind is up.  Today he's fitting new hinges to the last 2 cupboard doors, then we're covering all the cupboards with Fablon and fitting different doorknobs (we already had a bagful of those, can't remember where or why we got them).  Tomorrow the vinyl flooring will be laid, then everything can go back in and I'll get my dining room back and my lovely new utility room will be finished.  I'll take photos when it's all done.

I'm so grateful to husband for doing it all (well, the bulk of it) - he's getting older (66 now) and has arthritis in his hands and knees, and the dyslexia means he's disorganised and makes the occasional mistake with measuring.  But nothing stops him, he carries on regardless as he's not the sort to sit around doing nothing.  He'll give any kind of DIY thing a go, the fact that he's never done something before doesn't put him off, he'll have a look online or in one of his DIY books for help.  And he watches loads of the DIY type programmes on TV, he's always seeing something that he thinks is worth a try.  He really is a treasure (even if he does get on my nerves with his untidiness!).

I had to go to the hospital for tests last week, as I've been having some trouble with my hearing.  The tests confirmed I have quite significant hearing loss in both ears, and I need hearing aids.  This came as a bit of a shock - I'm only in my 50s, I feel far too young to have hearing aids.  The specialist said it's not age-related, and he couldn't see a problem with my ears themselves, he said it may possibly be tied up with the raging tinnitus I have had for a few months.  Well, I've actually had tinnitus for donkeys years, it's never really bothered me before though, it wasn't there all the time and wasn't particularly obtrusive.  But over the last few months it's become very loud and is constant, I now have it literally all the time.  The specialist was at a loss to explain this as he said tinnitus usually gets better over time.  I have to say I'm not at all keen on the NHS aids he showed me, which are the only ones they prescribe.  I have looked into private ones, but good grief they're expensive!  I told him I didn't really want the NHS ones (I have short hair and they would be visible), and he said he was going to refer me to a hearing therapist (to learn how to cope with tinnitus and general hearing loss) but didn't know whether they'd accept me if I hadn't tried hearing aids first.

I'm feeling a bit numb about it all - I was really expecting the doctor to say that the hearing loss was temporary and related to an ear infection or wax, perhaps, but he said I didn't have either.  Oh, and I've got a wobbly front tooth which I expect will have to come out sooner or later.  So what with my ears, tooth, diabetes, Achilles tendon and bad back, I kind of feel like my whole body is wearing out way too early :-(

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Keep calm and do yoga!

I'm not the world's best housewife - far from it!  I don't vacuum every day, I clean the bathroom when it needs it, as opposed to a schedule, I only wash the kitchen floor about once a week, I rarely dust (seems a bit pointless, all I'm doing is moving the dust from one place to another....for this reason I'm not really a fan of ornaments!).  I don't mind things ('stuff', for want of a better word) put on windowsills or the tops of cupboards etc, so long as they don't build up into a tower that eventually falls over.  

But I do like things to be reasonably tidy, and I am pretty organised.  My husband, however, is not - at all.  He's very untidy, he just doesn't seem to notice when things are in a mess.  He's also extremely disorganised and is forever losing things - tools, keys, shoes, glasses - because he puts things down and can't remember where he's put them...I've always said his hands are not connected to his brain.  He's dyslexic, which I think is one of the main reasons why he's so disorganised - his brain just doesn't organise things very well.

After 34 years of marriage, I'm used to his disorganisation - I also count myself fortunate that he's so hands on and is willing to get stuck into anything, he's a great DIYer and can turn his hand to building most things.  He does create loads of mess though, which does tend to irritate me - I just have to keep telling myself that it's a means to an end and the end will be worth it.

This is all about the utility room - he decided, without me saying anything, that he'd fit new worktops as he thought I'd like them.  He's right, I would - I never mentioned it though because I didn't want to give him any more work, I would have put up with the old mismatched ones.  He had in the shed, unbeknown to me, a long length of worktop he'd been given by a neighbour, which was surplus to their requirements.  It wasn't quite enough to completely replace everything in the utility room, but there's a local discount woodyard which sells loads of surplus stock/slightly damaged worktops at very cheap prices.  He went there this morning, confident that he'd be able to find a matching piece - he did, and it only cost £14!  So now he's taking out the old worktops and fitting the new ones, which involves yet more mess.

Yes I'm very grateful, and I know I'm going to have a lovely utility room which will meet all my requirements and, very importantly, look really nice, after having basically a makeshift horrible tip for the past few years.  But I am beginning to be a bit irritated by the ongoing mess - dry plaster footprints all over the kitchen floor every time he walks in, because he doesn't take his outside shoes off (because he's in and out about 50 times an hour all day long!).  And feeling a bit irritable about having to move things (that he's put there 'just for a minute' and then forgets he's done it because his mind immediately goes straight onto something else) so that I can get to something.  E.g. he'd put his stepladder and a box of decorating equipment in front of the spare fridge in the utility room, and I needed to get something out of it.  He'd also moved a big plastic box containing the dog food, because he wanted to get to something behind it - he put the box, which is heavy, on top of the small chest freezer and left it there.  I had to call him in from the garden to come and move it, as it was too heavy for me to lift.

I think all the things I'm learning in my yoga classes about breathing and releasing tension are going to come in very handy over the next few days!  In another week or so it will all be done, I just have to focus on that.